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"Working with an innovative company such as Autoweb Design means I can provide my customers with the latest in online customer interaction, and secure more sales both on and offline." - DG Weaver

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How Well Does Your Website Work on Mobile?

We’ve spoken a lot about micro moments on the Autoweb Design blog. How do you capture a user who’s searching because they want-to-know, want-to-go, want-to-do, want-to-buy? It’s a moment where the searcher acts upon a need or want, picks up their mobile and searches for what they…

The New Way to Write for Mobile

By now, we should all know how much search engines value content and how much is needed to rank on important, relevant queries. Content is the cornerstone of every website. It has two purposes: to help search engines to understand your website, and to help users to engage and convert. It’s…

The Google Mobile First Index: What You Need to Know

If you haven’t heard already, Google is changing. It’s rolling out a new index that looks at the mobile version of a site first, and ranks according to what it finds. It doesn’t come into effect for a few months, but it never hurts to be prepared. Let’s have a look at how we…

Minster FM Toy Appeal

Autoweb Design has volunteered to be a drop off point for the Minster FM Toy Appeal.   The Toy Appeal aims to bring a little bit of the Christmas spirit to people who can’t afford to treat the children in their family. If you’re in the Selby area, bring us your brand new, unwrapped…

We’re at Automotive Management LIVE 2016

After having a very successful exhibition and masterclass at the Digital Dealer conference a few months ago, we are delighted to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at an AM’s Automotive Management LIVE on November 16th at Arena:MK in Milton Keynes. With expert and keynote speakers…

Mobile Overtakes Desktop for The First Time

Traditionally, desktop has ruled the roost when it comes to web browsing. Mobile has been slowly but surely creeping up as it becomes the go-to way to search. The Guardian has recently reported on data from StatCounter, revealing that the two crossed over in October, with global mobile and tablet…

How Car Dealers Can Capture Micro Moments

What is a Micro Moment? A micro moment is a moment in which a consumer acts upon some kind of need or want, usually using their mobile phone. Google thinks that there are four key types of moments that marketers should be considering: I-want-to-know (e.g. which car is the best for me) I-want-to-go…

The Guide to CAPTCHA

If your website is being inundated with spam, then CAPTCHA is probably the best method out there of filtering through it for your conversions. What is CAPTCHA? CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is a test used on websites to determine…

What to Think About Before a Website Redesign

Whether your website is looking dated or it’s simply not giving you the leads that you need, if your website isn’t working the way you want it to, then you need a redesign.   Here, we’ll go through the key points to think about in order for a redesign to meet the needs of your…

AM Online Digital Dealer Conference 2016 Highlights

This week we attended AM Online’s Digital Dealer Conference at Whittlebury Hall in Northamptonshire. There were a number of speakers and masterclasses to attend as well as the main exhibition hall. With lots of opportunities for networking, meeting dealers and other suppliers to the automotive…

Google to Penalise Sites with Intrusive Popups

Announcing last week on the Webmaster Central Blog that it will potentially be penalising mobile sites with obstructive advertisements, Google is trying to make the mobile experience better from January 10th next year. Considering the number of us using mobile devices to check out products, services…

How to Deal with New Expanded Text Ads

In a major change to PPC ad text formats, Google is focusing on how ads serve mobile searchers.  In February, Google removed right side ads from the desktop SERPs, making the Google experience cohesive across all devices (mobile searchers don’t see these ads at…

About Autoweb Design

About Autoweb Design

Over a decade ago we had an idea – to create an automotive web design and digital marketing company unrivalled in its customer service.

Coming from a combined background of web design and vehicle transport, we saw a gap in the market for high-quality motor websites and made it our mission to fill this. We initially established a highly-successful used car portal,, and soon realised that motor traders needed so much more than an attractive website; to be truly successful online, auto dealers needed features such as stock feed and management solutions, online marketing services and finance integration.

The Autoweb Design of today reflects this understanding of the online automotive arena. Offering first-class digital marketing and web design solutions to the automotive industry, we manage the marketing of over 75,000 cars on a daily basis for dealerships, franchises and manufacturers. Implementing the latest industry innovations, we work to take clients’ online presence up a gear with leading-edge services that are specifically engineered to increase web traffic, visibility and online performance.

In line with our original vision for Autoweb Design, our exceptional customer service and professional know-how has proved so popular that most of our business now comes from word of mouth referrals. While we pride ourselves on the advanced level of our technology, we take the time with every client to ensure that they have in place the fundamental components necessary to trading success before we implement our forward-thinking solutions. This approach has truly paid off – our customers trust and value our commitment to their online performance, appreciating that their satisfaction is our focus.

Peter Fairfield and Richard McCombe, Company Directors

Charity and Community

Charity and Community

Autoweb Design are proud to be regularly involved with charity fundraising. In the past we have run the Race for Life York 10k for various children’s cancer charities, and this year we are focussing on Little Princess Trust.

This amazing charity does incredible work to provide real hair wigs for children who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or conditions such as alopecia. It is so upsetting for a child to lose their hair, especially when they are so unwell. Little Princess Trust use donated hair and raise the funds necessary to make a wig, giving them away free of charge. The wigs are as close as possible to the child’s natural hair, and hope to give back a little feeling of normality to a world turned upside down.

In June 2015 our Marketing Manager Laura donated 14 inches of hair, raising over £600 along with widespread awareness. The cause was close to Laura’s heart, and though daunted to cut off her luscious locks she did it like a champ.

In August Autoweb Design once again ran the York 10k, this time in aid of Little Princess Trust. The race was a huge success, raising £1,530.00 and promoting the cause to a wider audience. Our fundraising was even featured by AM Online, with an editorial discussing the race. You can read the article here.  

And we aren’t stopping there! We will be continuing to raise money for Little Princess Trust until we reach our target of £5,000, any fundraising suggestions welcome! We’d be so grateful for donations to Little Princess Trust - any contribution will help to make a huge difference to children affected by hair loss. Donating through JustGiving is secure and simple, and the money goes straight to the charity – here’s the link! 

This October the Autoweb Design team will be facing an even bigger challenge – skydiving for Ali’s Angels! Diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour in 2009, Alison Coulthard has since raised over £48,000 for Cancer Research. We are planning to help out with Ali’s Angels’ fantastic work by throwing our staff out of a plane...with a parachute of course!

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