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Let Customers Contact You When They Want With Live Chat and Text Messaging

Live chat has long been a popular website enhancement amongst car dealers. There are a number of benefits, including the fact that it is more acceptable to audiences who prefer not to talk over the phone. However, there are limitations. Live chat can be awkward to use on mobile devices and since mobile usage is on the increase we need to consider ways to help website visitors  start a discussion with your dealership. In addition, the expectation when using Live Chat is that responses will be very quick and that the users of the chat are sitting watching the chat ready to respond. This can create an issue for both the dealership and the website visitor.

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Car Dealer Text Messaging Solutions

Text message support is a newer product that provides the website visitor with an option of relatively quick correspondence without speaking on the phone, however the expectation with text messaging is generally different. Whilst a timely response to text messages is appropriate, we generally expect that a slight delay may occur and that a website visitor may send a text, get a response, get on with their day and respond when it suits them without dropping the chat. Additionally, this is much simpler method of enquiry from a mobile phone.

Another challenge that can present itself with Live Chat is resource to respond to website visitors, especially out of hours. At Autoweb Design, we provide a free of charge self-managed Live Chat solution with all of our website platforms but if you are looking for a managed solution then look no further.

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Automotive Live Chat & Text Messaging Providers

We have partnered with automotive live chat providers including Auto Interactive, Callitautomotive, Contact At Once! to provide our website clients with live chat and text messaging solutions that work for them.

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