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About Auto Ads

Embrace innovation to power your used car sales

Author: Neil Breakwell - Digital Marketing Specialist

What are AutoAds

If you have previously dabbled in pay per click, namely Google search ads for your used car stock, you may have been somewhat underwhelmed by the results.

You’ve created used car campaigns for your brand or franchise, you’ve targeted your local area, but as many other dealers have discovered, it’s very competitive out there. Your ads are not only competing with other dealerships in your area but with a whole host of specialist sites like Autotrader, Cazoo and GumTree.

It is something of a minefield out there and the fact that PPC for the used car market is notoriously difficult doesn’t help. Users are less likely to convert on their first visit to a car dealer website due to cars being high ticket items. Often, potential customers will have multiple touchpoints with a website before converting, so it takes something special to make your ads stand out from the crowd.

Getting people to click on the ads is only half of the problem. Getting the clicks from people who are in the market for a specific car, at the right price with the appropriate mileage that you have in stock is challenging to say the least.

No one has the time to create specific ads for every item of stock, and even if they did, the quick turnaround would mean ads can become redundant in a matter of hours, but in an ideal world, that’s what you would do. Each car would have its own ad detailing all the relevant specifications, including model, colour, engine size, age, condition, mileage etc. Any clicks that you get should be from people whose purchase intent matches the vehicle being advertised. So how do you make ads en-masse that attract the right people?

How AutoAds work...

Fortunately, we at Autoweb have developed a product that does just that. Our AutoAds product uses details from your website’s used stock data file to generate Google search ads with the specifications of each model in your stock inventory. This is a fully automated process that generates compelling ads that change in real time as your stock changes. The ads update daily so any changes in price will also be automatically reflected in your ads, meaning you are not advertising cars that are no longer available and as soon as a car comes into stock and it’s added to the feed, an ad can be generated for it.

Why are automated PPC ads better?

Let’s say John is in the market for a 3 year old Ford S-Max. He may type ‘used Ford S Max near me’ into Google as his search. If you have this car in stock your ad will show, if your Ford S-Max is 3 years old and the ad states this, there is a good chance that John will click on it which is more likely to lead to a sale. If your Ford S-Max is 5 years old, John will likely ignore your ad as he will be able to see that your car does not meet his requirements.

That’s perfect for you, because you only want to pay for clicks from people interested in what you have on offer. Clicks from people on the lookout for something you don’t have in stock is a waste of money.

Often, search terms users type into Google have very little intent behind them, so when they do make a search where it’s clear what the user wants to find, it’s important to capitalise on this. With the traditional PPC method, if someone types in Ford S-Max, it could mean they want to buy a new, a used, they are simply looking to see what the product looks like, or even looking for a desktop wallpaper. There truly is no way to know with such a vague search term, so the ad served is likely to be relevant only to a small portion of these searches.

By having your stock details on the ad, your PPC campaign will be so much more effective in generating quality leads from people who are in the market for something specific, and something that you actually have in stock.

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Who could benefit from automated PPC ads?

AutoAds is available to anyone who uses a stock feed for their website, but mainly those with a good volume of used stock readily available to sell.

There are other feed based solutions on the market but they can be very costly, AutoAds is very affordable, the question is, can you afford not to use it?

AutoAds will suit independents, franchises and car supermarkets who have a good inventory of used stock. Our technology can improve your used car sales. What are you waiting for?

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