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Automotive AutoAds


Introducing AutoAds from Autoweb Design, a form of PPC (Pay Per Click) driven by your stock feed. Launched in March 2021, our clients have already seen some fantastic results.

What is AutoAds by Autoweb

These ads will automatically generate from your stock feed.  When a customer searches for a car that you have in stock, your ad will show in Google results. These car ads are extremely targeted – they only reach people who are searching for the exact car you have in stock. You don’t need to worry about targeting the right keywords as AutoAds will show the relevant car as soon as the customer searches for it.

Targeted Marketing

How do AutoAds work?

Let’s say someone is in the market for a 2015 Land Rover Discovery, they may type into Google ‘used Land Rover Discovery 2015 in Black’. If you have this car in stock and listed on your feed, your ad will show, it’s as simple as that. Your ad will then have a much better chance of being clicked on which could then lead to a sale. 

Benefits of AutoAds

With traditional PPC, your ads are less specific, so if the car you are advertising happens to be older than what the customer is looking for, or not their preferred colour, the customer is likely to ignore your ad, or worse still, click on the ad and bounce straight back off, costing you money.

This is where AutoAds can benefit you, as you only want to pay for clicks from people interested in what you have on offer. Clicks from people on the look out for something you don’t have will rinse your budget quicker.


What you can expect from AutoAds

AutoAds give the specifics of each car in your inventory so you wont waste ad spend on clicks for people looking for something you don’t stock.

Our Google search ads contain a lot of detail about each specific vehicle, so users that click will be interested in that specific vehicle. This means that there will be genuine intent behind each click meaning that sales are more likely to occur.

Because AutoAds are driven by your used car data feed, any new stock is automatically updated on your ads. Any pricing changes to existing stock will also be reflected.

Autoweb will take care of everything, from integrating AutoAds to your feed and website to managing your Google Ads account.

We’ll provide monthly reports with a detailed breakdown of how AutoAds have delivered traffic to your site and leads to your business. We’ll also be on hand any time you need us.

Our mission is to be as affordable as possible to dealers of every shape and size. If you have previously considered standard PPC but considered it too expensive, you may benefit from AutoAds, especially if you have a lower budget.

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