Automotive E-Commerce - How does it work?


“One of our clients went live with the e-commerce solution in June last year and to date has taken almost £80,000 from a combination of deposits and full end-to-end purchases.”

How e-commerce works

Step 1 - Customers Browse Stock

Customers will browse your used car stock or new car options as normal on your website. They can configure a brand new car to their choice of style, colour and specification. They may opt for a quality used car and find you have exactly what they want in stock. 

Step 2 - Customer Finds Their Perfect Car

The customer can then opt to reserve a quality used car or choose to purchase a brand new configuration. When a customer chooses to go down the e-commerce route, either reserving the car or completing the full end-to-end purchase, they simply select the Buy Now or Reserve button you have set on your website.

Step 3 - Customer Pays Deposit

When the customer starts the e-commerce journey, they will be shown the complete details of the car and they will be prompted to either pay a fully refundable deposit or complete the purchase of their band new car. You will receive notification of any new deposits to your account and the customer will receive details of their deposit or purchase.

Step 4 - Customer Books Test Drive

If the customer has paid a refundable deposit, they will get in touch as per your terms & conditions to arrange a test drive. If the customer has paid for their brand new car in full, you can get in touch with them to arrange collection.

A dealership has taken 22 reservation deposits since January 2021, which shows that people are eager to continue their car buying journey online.

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