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Automotive Email Marketing

Automotive Email Marketing​

Email Marketing is one of the highest converting forms of digital marketing as you are usually directly targeting existing customers. Here at Autoweb Design, we can run your email campaigns for you, whether you want to market an event or a new product launch.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is simply what it says on the tin – you use your contact list to position your brand and your services. Car buyers are never going to buy a car on a whim, so email marketing allows you to nurture these customers until they are at a stage where they are ready to buy. Your email campaigns can help build your brand presence, so when the customer is ready to start their car buying journey, you are already on their radar.

Targeted Marketing

Benefits of email marketing

As one of the highest converting channels, email marketing allows you to build up a list of contacts who have already had contact with your dealership at some point. This means they already know who you are, or may have even bought from you in the past.

By neglecting to nurture these leads, you are effectively handing over this customer to a competitor.

What do you need to get started

Firstly, you will need a clean data list, which will usually consist of your existing and prospective customers. Anyone you have gathered data from, whether it’s from test drives, events or lead generation can form your contact list.

One of our email marketing specialists will then put together an email template which will be used for your campaigns. If you have a specific design in mind, we’d love to take your lead.

Car Dealer PPC
Automotive Pay Per Click

Campaign reporting

We will always provide a report from your Email Campaign so you can see how well it performed. This will show you your clicks and opens so you can see who showed interest in your offering.

These reports are clear and easy to understand so you get a clear idea of how your campaigns are performing.

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