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Keyboard and tablet with Google on screen

Backlinking – best practices

Backlinks serve an important purpose as they act as a ‘digital word of mouth’ for Google, which can affect how your website ranks.

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Card ready to pay through e-commerce

Automotive e-commerce – what does it really mean?

E-commerce doesn’t have to mean that the customer completes the entire transaction online – it can be just part of the transaction.

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Three women in an office

Celebrating International Womens Day 2022

Here at Autoweb, we have several women in leadership roles that we want to celebrate.

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Car bumpers

Who needs to buy a used car?

If you are a used car dealer you will know first-hand that the pandemic caused several ripple affects through the manufacturing chain.

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Car crash

How GAP Insurance can help you sell used cars

GAP Insurance will allow the owner of a car that has been written off or stolen to buy a like-for-like car as a replacement. How you can reach these potential customers.

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Mail icon on mobile phone

Make the most out of your email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to engage your current database of customers. It’s also one of the quickest ways to expand your reach.

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Lady using speaker and voice search on mobile phone

How voice search is affecting rankings

Similar to organic listings, to ensure you appear at the top of the rankings, you need to have optimised content so this information can easily located and communicated back to the smart device.

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Facebook logo on laptop screen

Track website forms using GTM and Facebook Pixel

If you run Facebook Ads, you will want to track any form completions that happen on your website, that can be attributed back to your campaigns.

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Strategy graphic

Free marketing tools your business can use

If you're looking to kick start your marketing activity, see what free marketing tools are available for all car dealers to take advantage of.

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Website provider for franchised dealers - highly commended

Autoweb Design Highly Commended at Power Dealer Awards

Autoweb Design have been highly commended as Website Provider for Franchised Dealers of the Year at the recent Car Power Awards 2021.

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Electric car charging

How the electric vehicle revolution has evolved

When considering an electric vehicle, you should first establish whether an electric vehicle is right for you and your needs.

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Lots of vehicles parked in rows of storage facility

Struggling to source quality used cars? Is there really a shortage in the automotive industry?

Used cars are becoming much harder to source and prices are higher than ever.

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Paying with card on e-commerce

Has decreased footfall from e-shopping had an impact on car sales?

With shops having to close their doors, e-commerce became the only way to keep trading, allowing people to transact with businesses online.

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Fingers on the keyboard of a laptop

How to write optimised vehicle descriptions

Ensuring your vehicle description is as clear and truthful as possible, you reduce the chance of having to deal with customer complaints.

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Alpine car

How to take quality vehicle photos

Rather than rush to take a couple of quick snaps, it can be much more beneficial to you if you take your time and take quality photos.

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Lady posting on Facebook on laptop

How to use Facebook to build your brand

Facebook can be a bit of a minefield, especially if you don’t really dabble in social media, but it can be great for building an audience.

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Facebook logo

Facebook Marketplace EOL announcement

Back in May, Facebook announced that they will be discontinuing the “distribution of inventory partner catalogue listings”, which, to you and me, is the used car listings that are driven by feeds.

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Google search results for automotive websites

Getting started with a PPC strategy

PPC is a great way to drive customers to your digital storefront.

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Paying with a card through e-commerce

Distance Selling - are you ready?

When it comes to selling online, car dealers have a multitude of regulations to adhere to in order to stay on the right side of the law.

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SEO in Scrabble letters

How to do your own SEO audit

You can do your own SEO audit on your website using free tools to check that everything is in good order before starting SEO activity.

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Fingers on the keyboard of a laptop

How to optimise a blog

Writing an optimised blog post can benefit both readers and search engines.

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New Post screen in WordPress

Importance of having a blog

A blog allows you to express your knowledge and look like an expert to existing and potential customers.

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Signpost showing local area

Local SEO - Let's Go!

With local SEO, it’s all about the way people are finding your dealership in the digital world. Potential customers will search for the location of your dealership.

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Google Search

Google’s contribution to the automotive industry.

Could Google be bringing new opportunities for car dealers in the UK? Google are planning for used car stock in search results.

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Automotive website on laptop screen

Water the seeds and grow the leads

There are several free tools and approaches you can take in order to increase digital leads and turn these leads into customers.

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Man analysing reports on laptop

Make your website your best sales asset

It is more important than ever to ensure your dealership is digitally equipped to adhere to continually changing buying habits.

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Laptop screen showing reports and graphs

Is your ‘Bounce Rate’ too good?

A bounce rate of circa 35-45% is a good indication that users are interacting with your site and the tracking is correctly installed.

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The clock tower on the Houses of Parliament in London

What we’re looking out for in the Budget

The COVID bill now sits at around £300bn and logic dictates that this might be clawed back by some tax rate increases...

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Google search window on laptop screen

Google Page Experience Update

This is all based around not interrupting the website visitor from browsing and interfering with their intended customer journey.

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Mini shopping trolley on a laptop keyboard

Is it time for your dealership to go digital?

A client went live with the e-commerce solution in June 2020 and has taken more than £80,000 from deposits and full purchases.

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2020 written over image of motorway

How 2020 changed the Automotive Industry

How did ‘the year that never was’ really affect the automotive industry? - Was it really as bad as you think?

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E-commerce on mobile phone

A Complete E-Commerce Website as Standard

E-Commerce and digital sales process features part of standard tier on our new dealer website platform

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Facebook logo over image of car

Facebook Automotive Ads – what’s not to love?

Facebook may or may not be your thing, but it’s hard not to love their Automotive Ads.

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Google Search on tablet screen

The Importance of Building Backlinks to benefit your website

How to best utilise backlinks to improve your website traffic.

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Typewriter with Google Core Update on paper

Google Algorithm Updates 2020

Core Algorithm Updates that have the most impact on SEO ranking

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Screen with coding on it

Introduction to Engineering

Testing can also be an integral part of your development strategy

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Motortrader Industry Awards 2019 Winner

Website of the Year

Autoweb Design had three of their websites nominated for the 'Dealer Website of the Year Award 2019!

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Car salesman with customers

Know your customers

Understanding your customers is vital in functioning a successful dealership.

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Mail icon on mobile phone

Revamp your emails

How Email drives more return on investment than any other marketing channel.

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Purple play arrow

How to Generate More Sales Leads

View our masterclass of digital techniques, at Am Live, on how to generate more website sales leads across all devices.

Group discussing digital marketing

Digital marketing trends

We think that behavioural targeting using artificial intelligence will be huge in 2019.

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Yellow play arrow

Digital Marketing Budget Optimisation

Tailor your digital marketing budget for the modern customer by looking at keywords and analytics.

Man with a megafone

Google announcements

Google shines at their annual Developer Conference with big things for Android.

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Green play arrow

Website Conversion Rate Optimisation

Take some time to consider how effective your website is in capturing customers at the vital, consideration stage.

Laptop logging in to Facebook

Facebook ads for Auto

The social network hopes will improve conversion rates for dealerships.

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Padlock, key and chain

Make the move to HTTPS

Why should car dealer websites make the move to HTTPS & HTTP/2?

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Man giving a thumbs down gesture

Negative reviews

All reviews need to be acknowledged no matter what, and here's why...

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Yellow play arrow

Understanding Analytics Reporting

View our talk at the Motor trader summit on using website analytics to maximise return on investment.

Google My Business logo

Google my business

Optimise your Dealership for Google My Business, local SEO for Car Dealers.

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Car parts

Search for parts increase

Google says US drivers’ search for parts are on the rise, using keyword analysis.

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Mini shopping trolley

Google Shopping

A great option for dealerships that sell retail products having a lower average cost per click.

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Purple play arrow

Dare to be Different

Step outside the box when it comes to your digital marketing, either with search engine activities or CRO and take advantage of technological advances.

Mobile phone with Google Chrome logo

Mobile First Index

Google want their index to be as helpful as possible for mobile searchers

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Playing pieces representing a network

Communication Channels

Text messaging, calls, emails or online forms. What works best for your customers?

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Car mechanic inspecting a car in a garage

Boost Your Aftersales

Remove the need to call during opening hours, with our MOT booking tool.

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