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Business Development

We asked our Sales team some questions,

this is what they had to say....

Describe your day to day responsibilities.

We develop New Business. Reaching out via phone or email and introducing our company and services to the automotive industry, making people aware of current promotions we have running hoping to gain interest, grow our portfolio and let the industry know how we can benefit their dealership through a mutually beneficial working partnership. We also assist with incoming enquiries and existing customers should they wish to grow their digital footprint further with our additional services.

What training do Autoweb Design offer?

On the job training is vital for the day to day of this role! We always ask questions, attend internal training sessions and keep ourselves up to date with the industry requirements. There's lots of training available from both our internal team and external providers , which you're encouraged to use for your personal development, which is great!

How have your skills enhanced since working at Autoweb Design?

Some of our team were new to the website and digital world, but by using the specialist knowledge of the teams on building websites and digital marketing it has really helped us get the knowledge we have today. We're now able to discuss website and marketing solutions easily and can pass on our knowledge quickly and comfortably to help others.

Describe your team dynamics?

Everyone works closely together which ensures our core values and mission statement is consistent, not only within our team, but also for our clients. Having the great team that we have certainly helps us to push forward our company goals in a friendly, positive environment with a great atmosphere.

How is your work managed?

We have daily tasks set by our manager and we also have regular 1-1 meetings where we discuss current activities and brainstorm on strategies and the best practices moving forward.

Do you feel valued and listened to?

Absolutely, the management here are the best we've worked for throughout our careers. They want your ideas and they want you to succeed. What more could you want in a job?

What advice would you give to someone joining your team?

Ask questions.. lots of them! Stay focused and be confident. Love the job you do and it will show. Autoweb Design is going through huge changes and growing fast which is really exciting, so don't miss out on being part of something great!

What do you like most about working for Autoweb Design?

The positive atmosphere and working with the various teams and people makes Autoweb Design a fantastic place to be. We would without a doubt recommend working here.

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