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Digital Marketing Executive

We asked our Digital Marketing team some questions,

this is what they had to say....

Describe your day to day responsibilities.

Our team responsibilities range from managing PPC campaigns to creating email campaigns and running SEO activities for clients. We enjoy this as one day could be quite creative and the next could be more strategic and data driven.

What training do Autoweb Design offer?

There's lots of training and support provided which is really motivating and one of the reasons we enjoy the job so much. We are given responsibilities that allow us to learn on the job. My team are really knowledgeable and always happy to help. There is also room for progression.

How have your skills enhanced since working at Autoweb Design?

There are so many new things learnt from working in an agency environment. You have the chance to get involved in all areas of the marketing function, some of which you may not have experienced previously. This is an advantage of working in a full digital service provider. Strategic planning is key, and how to work with clients to position marketing services relevant to help them achieve their goals, relative to the individual has been a big learn.

Describe your team dynamics?

Our team is led by the Head of Digital Marketing, but we all complement each other in terms of knowledge and skills. We also all strive for the same thing which is to provide a good service to our customers.

How is your work managed?

We have a weekly meeting with the Head of Digital Marketing to control the workload within the team. We also use Jira for scheduling which allows us to deal with requests as the come through, in order to stay organised in such a busy department.

What challenges have you overcome?

There are lots of challenges every day! however they are all valuable as they help to develop within the role. It’s not a challenging environment, but it keeps you on your toes. Time critical jobs are often the most challenging as they require you to manage the workload effectively in order to deliver on time.

What advice would you give to someone joining your team?

Expect to be involved in a lot of different areas of digital marketing including PPC, SEO and email marketing as well as attending strategic client meetings. There's always lots to do and learn!

What do you like most about working for Autoweb Design?

The people, they are all friendly and knowledgeable and are all working together towards to the best results. The job progression is also great, no two days are ever the same and you will never be bored.

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