Google Tag Manager

Bring your whole digital team together with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a great tool for business’ who use multiple parties to provide digital services, whether that be internal marketing departments, external agencies or both.

With website traffic originating from a number of sources, it’s important to track every interaction on your website; to manage this, we need tag/pixel code snippets. Most dealerships therefore will have quite a few 3rd party tags that need installed on their websites – analytics tracking tags, Adwords (possibly including remarketing) tags, Facebook tracking pixel etc. the list is endless.

In the past, the code snippets would need to be sent to your web developer in the vain hope that they implemented the snippet correctly and in a timely manner.

With Google Tag Manager (GTM), this is no longer the case. Each party can be granted an appropriate level of access to implement/ manage their own tags, which effectively removes the middle man and speeds up the process.

There’s a number of other reasons for using Google Tag Manager over and above simply implementing tracking tags. First and foremost, Google Tag Manager provides a level of compliance to (a) ensure tags are working before being set live and (b) easily remove the tags if they’re no longer valid. With the data layer, your data can easily be assimilated into bespoke reporting channels to suit your business reporting structure.

To discuss implementing Google Tag Manager on your site, contact the team at Autoweb Design.

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