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Google Analytics Reporting

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    Knowledge is Key. Find out how your website really performs with Google Analytics.

    Advanced web analytics involves setting up custom analytics for you which can be viewed daily or within a monthly report with commentary. The insights that this bespoke reporting provides feeds into conversion rate optimisation. Autoweb design have a dedicated team of experts in the fields of advanced web analytics and conversion rate optimisation. These two services are aimed to make sure that your automotive website continues to evolve to produce the best possible results.

    Google Analytics is a great tool for gleaning insights into how your website performs and best of all, for Universal Analytics it’s free. Analytics provides direct insights into who visits your site, how they get there and what they do whilst they’re there. Armed with this data, you’re then able to objectively decide what’s working and where you can make improvements. Whilst Google Analytics is largely considered to be an industry pre-requisite in digital marketing and web design, it requires significant expertise to use effectively.

    Keyword, Customer and Channel Insights...

    At Autoweb Design our Analytics-certified experts will guide you through the set up and management of your Google Analytics account, provide on-going support and feedback regarding performance. Some of the metrics we discuss are; Keyword Insights – What search terms are driving traffic to their sites. Google Analytics provides great insights into which terms work for them. It not only shows how many people searched for the term, but also if the customers are new or returning and how long they stay on the site.

    Customer Insights – Understanding what the customer wants is vital. Once we have an idea of what terms their customers are interested in, through Google Analytics, we can get an understanding of how they interact with their sites. Channel Insights – Making sure your channels pull together to reward your efforts. With Google Anayltics, we can establish which channels provide the best return on your investment. we can also establish which channels work together effectively to provide you with those all-important leads.

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