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    Ignite for Franchise Dealerships

    We see our ignite package as a ongoing partnership with your dealership. We don't just build you a website and walk away, we work with you from the start to allow you to get the most out of your website. We listen to your wants and needs and take care in the execution to build the perfect website for you and your requirements. We encourage input throughout the design process so the website is as you visioned and provides the best experience to your customers.

    Within your bespoke website design you can select up to an additional 20 pages per franchise with each layout being completely tailored to you, as part of a customisable website structure.

    We understand that car dealer websites need to be dynamic and fast-moving to include the latest vehicle offers and adapt to new technology. We also know that many car dealers have in-house marketing, who are proactive in keeping their website up to date. As such, we offer both a fully-managed service where we will keep the website up-to-date with the latest manufacturer offers, as well as a self-service function so that you can make changes to the website. We will automatically update banners as per the national website on a quarterly basis and all new car pages will be updated when new models are released, franchise specific.

    Along with updates in line with the manufacturer, we will also create and update your own unique offers if you wish, including Dealer specific quarterly offers – You can send your own over and we can update them with the quarterly offers. For example, if you had a ‘Used Car Event’ we would design and upload the banners onto your website. We are more than happy to get to know your dealership and offer advice on the right package fit for you.

    Online Showroom

    The old Faceted search feature has recently been replaced by our exclusive Online Showroom, as used pages are often the most popular, each picture, CTA and piece of content has been placed strategically, using research and testing to increase conversions.

    Built for Speed

    Ignite has seen major growth in regard to speed, reducing the frustration of waiting for content to load, with excellent speed times of 0.32 seconds for the server response, ultimately having a significant positive effect on analytics reporting results and functionality.


    You have as much freedom with the website as you see fit. You can add your own dealer specific offers if you wanted to. Full support will be provided in uploading these and full CMS training will be provided before Website Launch Date.

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