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Raving Fans Drive Stock Turn

Imagine if someone could tell you exactly what your customers want from your dealership? Beyond that imagine if you had the tips and insight on how to generate revenue by improving stock turn?

For over one thousand dealerships in the UK this is a reality.

Back in June 2018 Pauline, “the wicked queen of numbers” joined JudgeService and our vision of “changing the world one customer at a time,” became a reality.

Equipped with all the analyst tools needed, she began to look into the direct correlation between customer satisfaction and stock turn.

By using the granular data from our ReAct survey and the stock information provided by a partnership with Auto Trader the journey began.

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Increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction!

What came next absolutely delighted us with what we believe to be a real game changer.

We found that dealerships using JudgeService and following the insight we provided them, improved their customer satisfaction by around 20%. This directly impacted the average days it took the dealer to sell a car which overall decreased by 5 days.

In summary we provide dealerships with the tools to increase their customer satisfaction, ultimately resulting in dealerships selling cars quicker. Increasing revenue and improving customer satisfaction. RESULT!

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