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Make The Move To HTTPS

Why car dealer websites should move to HTTPS & HTTP/2

Many automotive professionals reading this article will be aware of the big changes in the new release of Google’s chrome web browser which mean that unsecure pages will be highlighted prominently to website visitors.

If you have a form on your site that is then flagged as non-secure, would you fill it out? This will look poor to website visitors and we expect that this could have a significant negative impact on enquiry rates.

At Autoweb Design we believe that a car dealer website needs to be optimised in order to generate sales leads for our client. Therefore, we have been preparing for this change and will be migrating all of our client websites to HTTPS.

What also concerns us though is site speed, we know that site speed has become increasingly important as mobile device usage has increased and many in the industry are focussed on getting faster and faster websites. What is not discussed very much is that adopting HTTPS can slow down your website quite a bit.

In order to counter this, we have taken the approach of migrating our sites to HTTPS and HTTP/2 at the same time. There are many benefits to moving to HTTP/2 but we think a key element to consider is improving your page load time.

In summary, we would encourage all car dealers to make the move to HTTPS but consider a provider that will migrate you to HTTP/2.

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