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    Manufacturer Microsites

    We integrate our UVL and Microsites seamlessly ensuring they keep in line with manufacturer guidelines and designs, consistent to the national website and branding. Any changes made to one microsite will be replicated across all. However, small dealer specific changes can be made.

    As experienced providers of websites, digital marketing and vehicle feed management services to automotive manufacturers we understand the unique challenges faced by car manufacturers.

    • Representing the brand within new brand designs and tone of voice
    • Ensuring that the user experience is complimentary to the brand goals
    • Gaining excellent search engine visibility whilst competing with vehicle portals
    • Generating a high percentage of enquiries and micro-conversions
    • Managing vehicle stock from a large network of dealerships.
    • SEO Migrations and Conversion Rate Planning

    To ensure national website consistency, all national offers will be automatically added to the local dealer’s microsites after a wire frame website solution is designed branded to match the national website, but can be personalised by the specific content and offers on the microsites. Dealerships can be as unique as they please in the given areas to change to avoid the concern of each microsite being identical, which can affect search engine optimisation and differentiation negatively.

    Platform Updates

    If a change is required on each microsite, for example a new page, then this can be completed with ease across the whole range of microsites at once. Your team will also have access to the admin panel to manage where necessary.

    Unduplicated content

    Unduplicated content for each dealership microsite is encouraged to deliver unique selling points for an intimate insight. There is also opportunity for each individual dealer to specify their exclusive offers and show off their stock.

    Stock Feed

    Our industry-leading used car feed platform allows for quick and easy upload to then feed out to the website and any other car advertising portal. We also accept in-coming used car feeds from the major platforms used within the industry.

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