New Product Spotlight: New Car Pages

Posted 2 years ago by Eugen Bucurescu

new car pages

We’ve recently revamped our New Car Pages. Read on to find out how and why.

They’re better for the user, and for the search engines. Which means that they are much better for the success of your website.

Unique, Relevant Content

car specs content

Mid Ulster Cars has a paragraph about the Yaris unique to them, as well as eight different features.

The new content is made unique to any other content on the web. This means that time is taken to research and rewrite every new car that you sell, so that it is individual to you.

Our new car pages now include:

  • Important USPs
  • Features and Benefits
  • Car video
  • Vehicle Colours

Content like this is beneficial for you on two counts. The user, who might be at an “information-gathering” stage of their customer journey, will be able to use your website to better understand whether this particular model is the right one for them.

The search engine will recognise that your site is providing something unique and of value to the user, so it’s much more likely to show it to more users if they search for it.

Social Proof

press release

For Leisure World Motors, their SsangYong Tivoli  has three quotes from different sources.

We’ve added quotes from car reviews, too. This social proof shows that other people (and important people at that) approve the vehicle, which adds weight to the information.

We look at reviews from car review sites such as Carbuyer, Auto Express, Auto Car and more, in order to get a quote portraying how great this particular model is.

Calls to Action

calls to action

Mid Ulster Cars have call to action buttons that stick to the top as a user scrolls, making it easy for them to get in contact wherever they are on the page.

Our new car pages have been designed to make the user take action. Part of this is making sure that the page has clear and distinct calls to action.

A Call to Action or CTA is what you want the visitor to do when they land on your page.

This could be:

  • “Contact Us”
  • “Book a Test Drive”
  • “Download a Brochure”

They are designed to move the visitor along their buyer’s journey, making them one step closer to buying a car from you. Only having one or two different calls to action and making them clear and understandable makes it much more likely that the visitor will convert (i.e. do what you want them to do) when they land on your page.

If you’d like to know more about the New Car Pages, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.