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    Get your automotive website found online

    For those who have not undertaken SEO on their website, consider that having a website without search engine visibility is a bit like having a car showroom without telling people where it is. Search engines such as Google and Bing are such an important source of website traffic that you should not be ignored. for car dealer websites is a very specialist field encompassing elements of local SEO, on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

    We explain the difference between the latter two areas below. Local SEO is about getting found for local searches, looking at both organic text results and the local-pack or map. Everything starts with keywords, you need to decide what keywords are valuable for you which should include considering the average number of searches that keywords get, but also the expected enquiry-rate resulting from those keywords. Ranking highly for a keyword that doesn’t generate any sales enquiries is not of much use.

    On-Site SEO

    On-site SEO is SEO that is undertaken on the website itself, this includes both technical SEO and content reviews. In order to rank well in search engines, it is really important that search engines can effectively crawl as many pages on your website as possible and also that they can easily understand what your pages are about. For example, if you sold used cars in London then the relevant pages should contain content and meta tags that explain that.

    A typical automotive on-site SEO project begins with a full technical website audit followed by recommendations on website architecture, internal linking, content and meta with implementation of all of these following. At Autoweb Design, we undertake technical SEO work on a one-off project basis and we also provide on-going technical SEO housekeeping work and content reviews.

    Off-Site SEO

    Equally as important as having a technically sound website with suitable content is making sure that Off-site SEO is undertaken. Off-site SEO is SEO that is undertaken off the website itself. This can include citation work, where we ensure that your dealership contact details are consistent across the internet and would typically also include content marketing and link building through the generation of engaging content that is published across appropriate sources generating valuable links to your website.

    Link building is a key part of an off-site SEO strategy. Currently links are still a key part in getting good rankings but don’t fall into the trap of old “black-hat” SEO strategies by buying or otherwise generating large amount of irrelevant links. Google has, over the last few years updated the way it looks at these numerous times. This is not a good route to go down. At Autoweb Design, our SEO team can analyse your existing link profile and help you to create and implement a link building campaign with links from website with the right relevance and authority.

    SEO with Autoweb Design

    Please ask us for more information, we are happy to help. We have three different SEO packages to meet your requirements and our team of automotive SEO experts are ready to start your journey to more organic website traffic.

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