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Software Engineer

We asked our Development team some questions,

this is what they had to say....

Describe your day to day responsibilities.

It's a really exciting time for us as we're creating and designing the new platform for the company, which involves us liaising with other teams to ensure we have the correct requirements in the brief

What training do Autoweb Design offer?

There are many tools and services which our team has access to which allows us to broaden our knowledge base and improve upon our skills. We also have some very experienced developers in our team which we can call upon should we experience issues. However, with careful planning within the team, we ensure that all developers are comfortable with the work they are undertaking.

How have your skills enhanced since working at Autoweb Design?

Working on the new platform project has allowed us to undertake projects and tasks which we may have had no previous knowledge of, this has greatly improved our core skill set. We've learnt about developing API’s, new aspects of the agile development methodology and techniques for ensuring coding standards are met and quality is not compromised.

What do you like most about working for Autoweb Design?

The flexibility of the working environment is great! The development team work very closely with each other ensuring we are all aware of what's going on, this means our tasks don't impact on each other. It's a friendly, open working environment.

Describe your team dynamics?

We work closely with each other and the Head of Development to ensure we know what we're all doing. We have lots of knowledge within our team and we love to share it with each other.

How is your work managed?

We have various tools for monitoring work. Each task is given a certain value of complexity/time, this allows all team members to see how complex/long the task is. The team also states when a task is in progress and then subsequently it goes to peer review once the task is completed by the team member. A different member of the team will then review the work and ensure standards are met.

What challenges did you face?

There are always challenges, because of the nature of the role. We meet as a team regularly to discuss any concerns or shortcomings in knowledge. We also thoroughly discuss each issue and pose a solution which is then either agreed upon or further discussions takes place. Its a real team effort!

Do you feel valued and listened to?

Definitely! Our team have regular meetings which allows us to voice our opinion on the work we're undertaking, where all the ideas are listened to and then discussed. Outside of this, there are avenues to take to voice an opinion should it be confidential.

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