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Systems Administrator

We asked our Systems Admin team some questions,

this is what they had to say....

Describe your day to day responsibilities.

Essentially we look after servers. We make sure that they stay online and run as best they can, If they break at any time we fix them!.

Have your skills enhanced since working at Autoweb Design?

Considerably! before starting here some of us didn’t know any PHP and now they're fluent! Most of the skills the team have now have been picked up with on the job training.

Do you feel Autoweb Design offers career development?

Definitely, one of our team started as an apprentice and now they are leading a team of Systems Administrators and Support Team Operatives. There are lots of opportunities to develop.

Describe your team dynamics?

We are led by the Head of Development, but supported on a daily basis by our Technical Support & System Lead. We all rely on each other within the team, it's currently split into technical support for the customers and server support.

How is your work managed?

A lot of our work is reactive, meaning when an issue occurs we need to fix it asap, therefore our work is hard to schedule as it is very unpredictable. Everyday brings a new challenge which gives us an opportunity to review what goes wrong and improve things for the future.

Do you feel valued and listened to?

We often make suggestions on how things could be improved, and many of them have been listened to. Each member of our team has a one to one with the line manager every 3 months. We also have a full team morning stand up meeting to quickly discuss the current situation, what we did yesterday and what there is to do today.

What advice would you give to someone joining your team?

This job requires confidence, and willingness to learn and you need to explore every development opportunity you can. Some of the role is quite specific to Autoweb.

Would you recommend working at Autoweb Design?

Yes! We have a refer a friend scheme and now someone recommended works within the marketing department here. It's a great scheme!

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