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    Engage for Franchise Dealerships

    The websites have been designed with the specific franchise customer in mind, through market research methods. The website has heavy focus on call to actions throughout to encourage enquiries to ultimately see a return of investment. Like all of our website platforms, Engage operates mobile first for an excellent visitor experience on all devices.

    Arguably the best feature of the engage package is that fact that dealerships will benefit from a franchise optimised website design, that has proven success day in day out. Alongside all the other great elements such as SEO set up, monthly analytics reporting & support from an account director, additionally benefit from our easy new & used car uploaders.

    You can have as little or as much input as you wish towards the everyday operation of your website, as immediate updates will be made to your website as and when necessary, in line with the manufacturer’s national events. Content will be updated for you with no worry, all controlled centrally in our office.

    You will have 3 options regarding the franchise homepage Banners: The national banners followed by yours, Your banners followed by manufactures, Yours only. We encourage dealerships to create their own unique banner designs to shout about exclusive offers and show off their personality, giving reasons why visitors should buy from them.

    If you think this package is the best fit for you but are a multi franchise dealership, we will build a Group Splash Page that leads through to each individual franchise. Please contact us for more information, we will be happy to share examples with you and discuss how our engage package can help you.

    CMS Access

    You will receive full access to our CMS System, so if you would like to update any content or news you will have the freedom to do so. We recommend this option so your website is continuously updated, providing SEO benefits and customer engagement.

    Centrally Controlled

    If a new car is launched it will appear on your website without you having to do a thing. Each quarter, when the national offers are released, they will be replicated on the website automatically. The quarterly national banners will be replicated onto the website too.

    User Journey

    Each Engage website for franchises provides customers with a fantastic experience. The websites are easy to navigate and valuable information can be found effortlessly. This has been supported by great results seen from our current Engage clients.

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