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Dynamic Call Tracking For Car Dealers

Static phone numbers are widely used in the automotive industry. These are telephone numbers that are only put in certain places – for example in an advert or on a web page, so that you know that any calls from a particular number correspond  to a particular marketing activity. On websites, some dealers show different numbers if a visitor comes from PPC or through another channel, they can then  count the number of phone calls that come from PPC advertising. Whilst this is better than not tracking calls and may be suitable for some purposes, this is a very basic solution and it is worth considering dynamic call tracking for the reasons outlined below.

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Generate More Phone Calls To Your Car Dealership

 If you implement dynamic call tracking on your website then each website visitor will be shown a different phone number. This means that you can track a generated phone call to individual website sessions meaning that you can see what led to the call including: how the visitor got to the website (PPC, organic search, other) and what they did on the website before calling. This information will enable you to increase call rate through conversion rate optimisation and also to better optimise your advertising campaigns. In the case of PPC you will be able to see what ads and keywords lead to a call so that your strategy can be updated appropriately.

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Reporting and Intelligence

In addition to finding out how calls to your dealership are generated, dynamic call tracking can provide you with a range of reports that make lead management more effective. In particular, reports on the previous day’s calls and the vehicle that generated the call can be very useful.

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