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The Gold Standard for automotive digital platforms

Unity gold is the product of over 15 years of design, testing and innovation. Created for one purpose, it's a targeted solution tailored specifically for dealeships who want nothing but the best out of thier online presence.

One solution, your solution

With Unity, we have solved the problem of budget vs. performance. Our platform is used by small dealership and multi location franchises to deliver a professionally presented digital solution.

Our unique approach allows us to set up new sites or transfer from your existing provider in record time, with practaclly zero impact of your site's uptime.

Our team of dedicated account handlers are on hand so you always recieve our best in class service whatever your query is.

Endless functionality

We can tailor your build to include popular features that other providers would charge large integration fees for. We have designed Unity to work with these systems out of the box so set up is a breeze.

Integrations avaliable include

  • Import / Export to popular platforms
    • Autotrader
    • Pistonheads
    • Ebay
    • Motors.co.uk
    • Car Gurus
  • Ebay listing
  • CAP data
  • Live Chat
  • 360° Video
  • Finance Calulators
  • Vehicle Valuation
  • Service booking
  • Dealership locators

Designed to perform

Our designers work to the strictest standards and with a combined expereince of over 25 years in web design and development. Our current version 'Charger' is a fully-responsive, mobile freindly template which has been the subject of many hours of QA and feedback from our customers. There is simply no better solution.

You are in good company

Our independent car dealer clients range from performance and prestige car dealers to 4Ă—4 specialists, classic car dealers, used car supermarkets and commercial vehicle specialists. We understand the unique challenges presented by the automotive sector when it comes to websites and we can help you to make the most of your online car dealership.