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Website MOT Checklist

Website MOT Checklist

Book your free check up with Autoweb Design - How will your website measure up?

We can run a free check of your website and provide you with recommendations on how to get the best results from your website, ahead of the re-opening of dealerships. This will include components such as SEO, site security and overall performance.


If you are trying to rank your website organically, content will help you raise brand awareness, educate your audience and of course, helps generate leads. As they say in the world of SEO… Content is King! You can add news articles through our easy-to-use CMS system.


Optimise your website with conversion rate optimisation, continually using data and statistics to improve the website as user behaviour changes. This is achieved using A/B testing specific to your website visitors,  to result in the most successful design strategy being implemented.


The navigation assists the user journey, guiding visitors to and from pages they need efficiently. Don't make visitors struggle to find the most important pages. They should be accessed in just one click away from the homepage - clear and obvious.


Having a well structed website can heavily benefit its visibility on search engines. Well structured URL’s can maximise organic search traffic, and increase sales leads. You have a better chance of reaching your target audience by having more specific, individual search terms in your website structure.


Is your website built for mobile? It should be, as mobile is continuously overtaking desktop in terms of preferred device. By having a mobile first website you can make the call-to-actions as prominent as possible, for optimised performance across all devices.


There are several factors in ensuring that your website is safe & secure. These include having a valid SSL HTTPS, ensuring the site is clean of malware and has no deceptive content. This is important for your users as they know that they can safely part with contact details using your website forms.

Call to Actions

Designed to increase enquiries. As a car dealer there's a huge range of lead generation options live chat, free finance check, part exchange valuations, reserve & buy online, along with traditional methods seen on the contact us pages. Ensure that these are obvious and where the customers expect them to be.

Site Speed

As you are aware, trying to navigate a slow website is extremely frustrating and a long response/ load time has the ability to deter a visitor from their intended user journey, which could end in a lost lead. Although, site speed is based on the server, there are ways to improve it, e.g keep images small & compressed.

Need a New Website?

We can help!

If you are looking for a brand new website solution before the end of lockdown, get in touch! - We have great offers available.

Are you getting the best results from you website?
Can your target audience find you online? Are you missing valuable leads?

Book your FREE Website MOT with us and get your website operating to its optimum performance!

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